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cape town

cape town

Cape Town lies at the southernmost tip of South Africa. Due to the good geographical position huge atlantic swell rolls onto the coastline. At the same time, the "Cape Peninsula", which extends from Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope between the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean is one of the windiest places in the world.

This combination allows sensational water sports conditions. Whether you're a big wave rider, a pure freestyler or even a newcomer – fun is guaranteed!

Many professional surfers have chosen Cape Town as their winter training ground.

The big wave spots of the area are almost all in the vicinity of the Cape, but also Sunset Beach can be ripped thoroughly. All major spots can be reached from the Cape Surfhostel by car within 10 min. Bloubergstrand is even within walking distance!

The great windsurfing conditions that we experienced in Cape Town on our first trip were never forgotten. This is why we have made this city our home! Apart from Hawaii Cape Town must be THE top water sports spot in the world. In summer the southeaster regularly blows with 20 or more knots! Depending on the spot you choose either rip in moderate or radical conditions! - and the best part for kite surfers - there are close to no rules or restrictions on our beaches. Kite wherever your heart desires.

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cape town